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copyright copyleft

One of the most important aspects of (intellectual) ownership of the commons is the creation of relevant licences. In every part of modern society everything that is written, or painted, or photographed is automatically privatized. If you don't want to claim private ownership over something you made, you have to state that explicitly, by adding a license like “public domain”, “creative commons” etc.

What are the historic backgrounds of this development, and what might be the consequences in future?

Which alternatives are possible?

At least two lectures (45 mins):

  • general lecture on the history of copyrights. How the commons was privatized.

  • lecture on the different “copyleft”-licenses:
    • public domain; different definitions in different countries
    • cc - in all its different versions
    • freedom of panorama
    • “orphaned works” - no creator known
    • works created by government
    • is there a helpdesk for questions about specific topics?

and further - really important: