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In terms of costs, the most important thing is that we want to give everybody the chance to go to Koppelting, even if they don't have money. Therefore the price is not fixed. If you have less, you can decide to pay less and if you have more you can decide to pay more.

We have no financing so the costs of the conference have to be covered by your contribution, also if you are a speaker. The most important costs that we incur are related to the venue, catering, and hours spent organizing the conference, communicating about the event and arranging an interesting line-up. All financial contributions received will be used to further develop De WAR and its community.

Furthermore, we distinguish between participants joining from organizations and participants who join as individuals. For both the contribution is flexible. However, we have found that it helps to suggest a contribution amount. For the first (people joining from organizations) we suggest a contribution of 50 euro per participant per day. For the latter (people joining as individuals) we suggest a contribution of 20 euro per participant per day. The logic here is that organizations tend to have (collective) budgets that can be used to pay for these costs, which is why we believe asking them for a higher contribution makes sense.