Lineup for Koppelting 2018

Is this the final lineup?

No, this lineup is a work in progress. New contributions can be added (by you!) up to or even during the event. Have something to contribute? Sign up and you can directly add something to this lineup.

When will these things take place?

All hackathons will take place during the week (monday to friday). Some workshops and other items will also happen during the week, which is noted in the description. All other things will take place on saturday or sunday. The final schedule for the weekend will be published shortly before the event, since the lineup is still open for new contributions.

hackathon: Biolab Amersfoort - building a bat detector

You can detect bats using a bat detector. In this hackathon we will try to build one that works on LoRa, and sends bat data automatically.
We will need to build the hardware, some of the software and find a way to see what bat passed our sensor.

hackathon: Katrien van Riet - Getting the Ultimaker Original 3D printer to work

The FabLab currently has two 3D printers: the Ultimaker Original and the 2+. The Original is almost in working order, but not quite. We want to get the Original to print again in 5 days. Want to lend us a hand? You can find the assembly manual in the link.

lecture: Michiel de Jong - Terms of service didn't read

“I have read and agree to the Terms” is the biggest lie on the web. We aim to fix that.
Terms of service are often too long to read, but it's important to understand what's in them. Your rights online depend on them.
he community of TOSDR reads the terms of service of several online services for you, and rates them.

other: Impactbios - movie program

every evening of the week we show a movie that connects to the topics of Koppelting 2018.
The exact program will become available during this summer.

lecture: Katrien van Riet - 90s Cyber Visions

In the 90s, the Internet suddenly became mainstream, and virtual reality with it. At least in films and tv series. I'm going to discuss the particular ways in which the Internet was portrayed as a virtual reality, and how this is linked to how the Internet features in our everyday lives today.

lecture: Dirk Zijp - Historic cycli of market economics

Review of an interesting research from Prof. Bas van Bavel about the historic cycli of market economics, published in his book 'The invisible hand? How market economics have emerged and declined since AD 500', 2016, and some observations about the present neo-liberal situation in Western economics.

lecture: Maranke Spoor - What is Anarchism? Can it help us create the more beautifull world our harts know is possible?

I hear a lot of people talking about anarchism, sometimes as a thing of hope, often derogatory.

But what does it even mean? And can it help us create the more beautifull world our harts know is possible? Can a form be found to use it as an inspiration without falling into the traps or extremes of other isms?

Maranke has a masters degree in constitutional law.

hackathon: Mark Slager - Geneesmiddelinformatie naar behoefte

Wij willen graag weten welke informatie mensen over hun medicijnen willen hebben en hoe. Hoe moet het etiket eruit zien, hoe de bijsluiter. Wat moet daar allemaal op en in staan? Moet er meer digitaal?