Lineup for Koppelting 2019

Is this the final lineup?

No, this lineup is a work in progress. New contributions can be added (by you!) up to or even during the event. Have something to contribute? Sign up and you can directly add something to this lineup.

When will these things take place?

All hackathons will take place during the week (monday to friday). Some workshops and other items will also happen during the week, which is noted in the description. All other things will take place on saturday or sunday. The final schedule for the weekend will be published shortly before the event, since the lineup is still open for new contributions.

workshop: Meike van de Linde - Succesful Collaboration

We need to work together and join forces, to make a real difference in this world. Yet, sometimes it is really hard to do this, prone to individuality as we are - how to work together without having to either give yourself away, having to compromise too much, or, to not lose yourself, dominating the proces and the discussion? This acquires personal leadership, 'knowing one-self', true courage and the ability to come together with your fellow man for 'a greater good'. In this workshop we will aspire to work out together what the secret(s) might be to work together succesfully; to perhaps make a list of 'do's and dont's' or some kind of manual.

lecture: Maranke Spoor - Permaculture

Permaculture is a interdisciplinairy design science based in ethics. Its about being part of the solution instead of part of the problem. We can e.g. grow food while increasing biodiversity. This can be the future of our food. Maranke teaches permaculture and helped translate/edit Mark Shepards restoration agriculture and Christopher Sheins creating an edible ecosystem for NL/BE.
Permaculture principles can be applied at any scale, to anything. The goal of permaculture is: meeting human needs while increasing ecosystem health. Permaculture uses ethical principles and design priciples to achieve this.

lecture: Jacqueline Fletcher - The Biosphere as Commons

The biosphere is our life-support system. It is a living, breathing organism continuously in the process of co-creation. It is also a common good, for humans and more-than-humans. What does it mean to live as part of the biosphere? How do we understand our place in the biosphere and our responsibility to maintain its functional cycles as part of our daily lives?

workshop: Jacqueline Fletcher - The fishers game and the commons

A fun way to interact with others to investigate how we can best collaborate to manage the commons and learn about system dynamics at the same time. This activity builds on biosphere as commons interactive lecture.

workshop: Harmen Zijp - Open source café

After the Snowden revelations, Volkswagen Dieselgate and the Cambridge Analytica scandal it should be clear that open source is our only safeguard against all sorts of malpractices, whether intentional or resulting from an lack of ethical incentives. In this workshop we will give an overview of available open source software for commonplace use and help figure out how to deploy it on your device.

other: Harmen Zijp - Everything but the truth

The recent rise of "alternative facts" as a way to bend the truth to meet political ends is worrying. The very term however still pays tribute to the concept of a fact. It seems that "real facts" (accessible for others to check) still bear something of a golden standard that abusers at least feel obliged to mimick. Argumentation on the other hand varies long and wide, without much consideration given to avoiding falacies, for one thing. There is no such thing as "alternative arguments", and in the end body language seems to be more convincing than content (of either facts or propositions constructed from them). Maybe it's just about time we shape some standard for entering public debate. This open brainstorm invites you to explore this topic.

hackathon: Transitieschool - make you own bra

finding a fitting bra is not so easy. Making your own seems too difficult, but in this workshop we wil teach you how to make one that really fits your needs, and you will go home with your personalised pattern to make some more!
Please sign up for this one, as we need to have enough materials.
We will split material costs among the participants.