Lineup for Koppelting 2019

Is this the final lineup?

No, this lineup is a work in progress. New contributions can be added (by you!) up to or even during the event. Have something to contribute? Sign up and you can directly add something to this lineup.

When will these things take place?

All hackathons will take place during the week (monday to friday). Some workshops and other items will also happen during the week, which is noted in the description. All other things will take place on saturday or sunday. The final schedule for the weekend will be published shortly before the event, since the lineup is still open for new contributions.

lecture: Sent Wierda - On activism and grassroot politics

'The Green New Deal' is a shared idea originating from many small and unconventional groups of people, dealing with climatechange and energy transition, while strenghtening the regional economy. These progressive internationalists arise from different countries and continents, from Yanis Varoufakis (DiEM25, Mera25, European Spring) to Bernie Sanders (USA) and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (USA). They also share: they want more global and more local decision making. A paradox? The subsidiarity principle isn’t according to Sent G. Wierda (DiEM25, vandeRegio & PiratenPartij, ...). In this lecture he shares his experiences in activism and grassroot politics.

hackathon: Maranke Spoor - How to Save Life

We will work on In the run up to last years climate march, I wondered what I would want to show/read/share on a climate march banner, and found out that the domain name had not yet been claimed, I reserved it. I have plenty of ideas to fill it with life affirming/regenerative stuff, but I'm also very interested in your contributions and ideas, as long as they are life affirming, if you wonder what that is, and why some ways of doing things are and quite a lot are not @ Koppelting there is a chance to continue or start this life long learning pathway, and work with (other) pioneers that have been working on this for a long time.

lecture: Jacqueline Fletcher - The Biosphere as Commons

The biosphere is our life-support system. It is a living, breathing organism continuously in the process of co-creation. It is also a common good, for humans and more-than-humans. What does it mean to live as part of the biosphere? How do we understand our place in the biosphere and our responsibility to maintain its functional cycles as part of our daily lives?

workshop: Harmen Zijp - Open source café

After the Snowden revelations, Volkswagen Dieselgate and the Cambridge Analytica scandal it should be clear that open source is our only safeguard against all sorts of malpractices, whether intentional or resulting from an lack of ethical incentives. In this workshop we will give an overview of available open source software for commonplace use and help figure out how to deploy it on your device.

workshop: Iris Douma - Soldering workshop for children

i this workshop children can solder a real, working object. t is no problem if they have never soldered before.
The workshop will take place on Sunday 25 August, 13:00.
Please sign up for the workshop with

workshop: Meike van de Linde - Succesful Collaboration

We need to work together and join forces, to make a real difference in this world. Yet, sometimes it is really hard to do this, prone to individuality as we are - how to work together without having to either give yourself away, having to compromise too much, or, to not lose yourself, dominating the proces and the discussion? This acquires personal leadership, 'knowing one-self', true courage and the ability to come together with your fellow man for 'a greater good'. In this workshop we will aspire to work out together what the secret(s) might be to work together succesfully; to perhaps make a list of 'do's and dont's' or some kind of manual.

workshop: Maranke Spoor - Permaculture

Permaculture is a interdisciplinairy design science based in ethics. Its about being part of the solution instead of part of the problem. We can e.g. grow food while increasing biodiversity. This can be the future of our food. Maranke teaches permaculture and helped translate/edit Mark Shepards restoration agriculture and Christopher Sheins creating an edible ecosystem for NL/BE.
Permaculture principles can be applied at any scale, to anything. The goal of permaculture is: meeting human needs while increasing ecosystem health. Permaculture uses ethical principles and design priciples to achieve this.

workshop: Jacqueline Fletcher - The fishers game and the commons

A fun way to interact with others to investigate how we can best collaborate to manage the commons and learn about system dynamics at the same time. This activity builds on biosphere as commons interactive lecture.

other: Harmen Zijp - Everything but the truth

The recent rise of "alternative facts" as a way to bend the truth to meet political ends is worrying. The very term however still pays tribute to the concept of a fact. It seems that "real facts" (accessible for others to check) still bear something of a golden standard that abusers at least feel obliged to mimick. Argumentation on the other hand varies long and wide, without much consideration given to avoiding falacies, for one thing. There is no such thing as "alternative arguments", and in the end body language seems to be more convincing than content (of either facts or propositions constructed from them). Maybe it's just about time we shape some standard for entering public debate. This open brainstorm invites you to explore this topic.

hackathon: Transitieschool - make you own bra

finding a fitting bra is not so easy. Making your own seems too difficult, but in this workshop we wil teach you how to make one that really fits your needs, and you will go home with your personalised pattern to make some more!
Please sign up for this one, as we need to have enough materials.
We will split material costs among the participants.

lecture: Dorine Rüter - Waterkracht

What is Waterkracht? First of all it's a community centre where local clubs and people can find a place to play games, organise markets, but also get help with their tax returns etc. The restaurant sets this community centre apart. Here an enthousiastic group of people who are overlooked in the work market prepare a locally sourced menu in a real kitchen under the guidance of a real chef.

other: Christopher Brewster in conversation with Maranke Spoor - The measurable and the unmeasurable in the Anthropocene

In this conversation, Christopher Brewster will discuss with Maranke Spoor the need for measurement in our epoch and its consequences. Just as with every technology, certain things become possible when we measure people, places and our environment, and yet we also close out other ways of seeing.

hackathon: Diana Wildschut - DiY sustainability solutions

We will make and test a heat exchanger for ventilation of rooms. Easy to make, but how well does it work?

hackathon: Katrien van Riet - FabLab smoothieboard hackathon

The Smoothieboard is an open source controller board for printers, laser cutters, cnc mills, you name it! It is a simple yet powerful board which offers good support.
In this hackathon, we will build the smoothieboard into one of our laser cutters, to run alongside the current LAOS board. Come join us at the FabLab to make our laser cutter even better! (There will be cookies...)

lecture: Chantal van Genderen / Voedselbos Nieuwe Erven - Foodforest Nieuwe Erven: Renewal of the commons, building a food forest in public space

When the municipality of Brummen needed to develop a new public space this came together with the search for a pilot space by the Clean Tech Food & Landscape Innovations table. Residents of Brummen were interested to design and build a food forest-parc in their neighborhood. The municipality offered the framework, support, contacts and finances to make this happen. Now after only 1,5 year the construction of the meeting square, the herb spiral, the flower meadows, sheep meadows, the natural playground and the actual food forest itself is nearly achieved. The project is supported by 20 regular and another 30 more irregular volunteers from the neighborhood. They developed into a fluid organization, with particular challenges and achieve more than they’d expected. With the trees still very young, the first important harvest seems to be a social one. By building a food forest together we recognized the similarity to the historical Marke, (or commons) and feel inspired to investigate it’s potential.

workshop: Marzenka Pala - Democracy game

Are we qualified to vote? Do you understand the impact of your vote? With an online game Marzenka proposes a playful course. Each level results in a certificate — to show off. You discover your own political profile, your strenghts, your allergies, your political interests, and the toolset to turn powerlessness into grassroot activism, run a campaign, and if you wish diehard lobbyist politics. In cooperation you work on proposals, through a public debate. You can become the empowered citizen, or use all knowledge for your own benifids. Would you play? Would you participate? Do you still dare to vote?

hackathon: Meet je Stad! - Let's design the next measurement platform

The citizen science project Meet je Stad has been investigating local impact of climate change since 2015. The project measures temperature and humidity with some 500 sensors in multiple cities. During this hackathon we will do a redesign of the PCB to accommodate more sensors, a more powerful processor and a solar panel. Monday will be setting the specifications, friday should see a functioning first series. In between we'll be working in parallel on various parts of the platform: sensors, PCB, firmware, dataflow, power supply etc

other: Henk-Jan Vinke - Art as the enemy

Time and time again we hear the far right describe the creation and appreciation of art as a leftist hobby. This seems to contradict with their ideas of Western cultural supremacy.

The Cognitive Society, expert on Nazi Germany joins us via Google Hangout to discuss the logic behind this fallacy with fellow YouTuber Culture Shots.

hackathon: De War - Cultuur Fabriek

A brainstorming session how to translate the Fablab concept to culture

We want to create a place, using the Spullenlab theatre as a base, to facilitate the creation of culture in a commons way. Where people can learn about theatre technique, acting, writing, videography etc. in the same way people can hone their skills in the FabLab.

lecture: Rob van der Ouderaa - Debugging your home build esp32 smart device the professional way with open source software

If you build your own home device it needs a CPU to make it smart. It also needs connectivity to make it connect to the world. In this presentation I will present the powerful yet cheap esp 32 based platform (Adafruit ESP32 Feather) that has WIFI and Bluetooth. The presentation will go into the pragmatic nuts and bolts needed to debug such a system at source level using the JTAG hardware interface with open source software.

other: Henk-Jan Vinke - Youtube activism: A pact with the Devil?

A live YouTube stream where Youtube activists Kevin Logan, Kristi Winters, Chrisiousity and Culture Shots discuss the merits and drawbacks of YouTube activism. Are we in a pact with the Devil? How does YouTube skew the battle in favor of the reactionary right. What are the successes? Shouldn't we be thinking about alternatives that are less toxic?

hackathon: Andries Lohmeijer - Kickoff MJS rev2.0?

Would like to contribute to design considerations MJS design choices.

lecture: Matthijs Nederveen - A social innovation Lab: an sample from Ethiopia

A Social Innovation Lab is a space where a group of people in complementary roles come together to experiment, in order to find new solutions to complex problems. Matthijs Nederveen has set up and guided different Social Innovation Labs in Ethiopia and other African countries. Each of the Labs focussed on a particular challenge for persons with a specific type of disability. The challenges were in the area of vocational training, employment and entrepreneurship.
The lessons learnt from these different Labs are captured in the publication: Innovate for Inclusion.
You can download the publication from:

Matthijs will present one of the cases from this publication and discuss the Social innovation Lab as a means to co-create and find solutions for social problems.

lecture: Maranke Spoor - Why the cases of wikileaks and other current censorship (like the greenmedinfo case) are a threat to our freedom and what we can do about it

About why censorship is a threat to our freedom using a birds eye overview of the case of wikileaks, an organisation who's sport it is to shine a light on (inconvenient) truths,
with peace & justice as its goal. There will be an emphasis on the more recent events, while keeping an eye on the broader context.
Like more people at De WAR Maranke has a study/work background that is both broad and diverse, one aspect of it, is having a masters degree in constitutional law, making her extra worried about this.

other: Iris Douma - Brain/Gamestorm for donation visualisation

Geïnspireerd door de info graphics van Hans Rosling ( en wedstrijd Elegante Algorimtes ( is er een leuk plan ontstaan om een kunstzinnige applicatie te maken voor het goede doel. Wie helpt ons door mee te denken en/of spelen in een brainstorm/gamestorm sessie?!!!