Line-up for Koppelting 2024

Annual DIY-festival focusing on open knowledge and bottom-up solutions for society, from citizen science, journalism and technology to clothing, food, democracy and more.

workshop: transitielab - use your rain water!

Drinking water is becoming way too scarce to flush your toilet with!
Build a diy system that enables you to use rain water to flush your toilet, water your plants, wash your laundry or hatever you want to use it for.

hackathon: Biolab Amersfoort - Get to know the Scanning Electron Microscope

The Biolab will reopen its doors during Koppelting, with a brand new addition to its equipment: An electron microscope.
During the week days we will get to know and operate the machine, and so can you!

other: Meet je Stad - Installing public MJS soil moisture sensors

The citizen science community of Meet je Stad has prepared some measurement stations for measuring soil moisture in the public space.
We will set out to plant them on strategic sites in town so we will have a useful series of soil measurements. Come and help us decide on good locations, and let's start digging! Also when you have build a sensor, but need help with the installation, join us and we can install it together.

demonstration: De WAR - Uitvinders laten zien

korte presentaties van uitvindrs en andere bouwers die laten zien wat ze aan het maken zijn. Doe ook mee!

Sandra Sijbrandij - Gidssoorten: hoe kan ik de biodiversiteit verbeteren?

lezing en excursie over gidssoorten.
meer info volgt.

demonstration: Joris Van Dorpe - Scientist wants to connect biological farming and science

I am making a documentary and I am looking for biological farmers, biological shopkeepers, scientists, food specialists, documentary makers, script writers, subtitle editors, lawyers, policy makers, artists or any person who believes in a better world with healthy food for the whole planet.