Lineup for Meetkoppel'20

Is this the final lineup?

No, this lineup is a work in progress. New contributions can be added (by you!) up to or even during the event. Have something to contribute? Sign up and you can directly add something to this lineup.

When will these things take place?

All hackathons will take place during the week (monday to friday). Some workshops and other items will also happen during the week, which is noted in the description. All other things will take place on saturday or sunday. The final schedule for the weekend will be published shortly before the event, since the lineup is still open for new contributions.

lecture: Diana Wildschut - biases in citizen science vs academic science

citizen scientists are sometimes said to have more biases than academic scientists, but is that true? Some biases are related to career pressure, which citizen scientists do not have.
In this talk I present a list of biases, and analyse which ones are more likely to occur in citizen science and which in academic science.

lecture: Ketil Moland Olsen - Getting Started With TTN Mapper

With every successful LoraWAN project comes the need for improving network coverage. TTN Mapper is a handy tool that helps us identify the black spots on the coverage map.

In this lecture, we will go through everything you need to start mapping the LoraWAN coverage in your area. We'll have a look at the technical stack (nodes, mobile apps, console, and frontend) and consider different hardware options.

Feel free to bring your LoRa-compatible nodes (RAK, Pycom, ESP32, Arduino, Dragino, etc.)! You might be up and running during or shortly after the workshop.

lecture: Nicko Straathof - Sniffing the environment of Amersfoort on bicycle

Since october 2019 50 citizen of Amersfoort are measuring airquality, temperature, humidity and even the roughness of the cyclepaths during their daily cycling activity with a mobile sensingdevice. They share this initiative of the province of Utrecht with ca 450 other inhabitants of Utrecht. The presentation will give a brief overview of the collected data sofar.