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How is Koppelting organized?

If you sign up for the conference, a link with more details on how to log on and contribute will be sent to you. For more information on how to sign up have a look at the sign up page.

All people interested in contributing can sign up for and join the conference. The conference will be held in English to allow people all countries to join and contribute. Furthermore, together we determine the line-up. For possible contribution have a look at the bottom of this page. Determining the line-up together implies that participants can also 'take the stage' and give a presentation, organize a workshop or pitch an idea. After you sign up you will receive more information via email on how to do so. For more information on the current line-up have a look at the line-up page.

How to get there?

Koppelting will be held at De WAR, home to FabLab Amersfoort and Meet je Stad. The address is:
Heiligenbergerweg 34
3816 AK Amersfoort

International train connections can be found here.

Eurolines connects many places in Europe with a bus service to Utrecht, from which a quarterly train service connects to Amersfoort (takes 15 mins at €5,00)

The nearest airport is Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, which has a direct connection to Amersfoort by train 2 times per hour (takes 45 mins at €11,40).

Where to stay?

Accomodation at walking distance:

We can accommodate a few people privately. Please let us know if you are on a very tight budget, or if you have a space to offer...


In terms of costs, the most important thing is that we want to give everybody the chance to go to Koppelting, even if they don't have money. Therefore the price is not fixed. If you have less, you can decide to pay less and if you have more you can decide to pay more.

We have no external funding so the costs of the conference have to be covered by your contribution, also if you are a speaker. The most important costs that we incur are related to catering and to the hours spent organizing the conference, like setting-up the videostreaming tool, arranging the accommodation, communicating about the event etcetera.

Furthermore, we distinguish between participants joining from (governmental) organizations and participants who join as individuals. For both the contribution is voluntarily. However, we have found that it helps to suggest a contribution amount. For the first (people joining from organizations) we suggest a contribution of €50 per participant. For the latter (people joining as individuals) we suggest a contribution of €25 per participant. The logic here is that organizations tend to have (collective) budgets that can be used to pay for these costs, which is why we believe asking them for a higher contribution makes sense.

Possible things to contribute

  • give a presentation or a workshop at the conference
  • write summaries of talks, or help to organise the overall documentation of the conference
  • record the lectures during the conference, or edit them afterwards
  • spread the word and announce Koppelting at other platforms
  • open your homes to the couch surfing participants
  • help us create community tools to aid communication between the participants

If you have any questions about or suggestions related to Koppelting feel free to contact us via