This year's Koppelting will be a hackathon week followed by a 2.5 day unconference.

A hackathon is a period in which a group of people work together on a project. This can be anything from building a space ship to setting up a vegetable garden.

For the hackathon week we already have the following projects:

  • getting the GCMS of the Biolab to work
  • a hypha CMS programming sprint
  • creating an open videoconferencing box
  • creating the food of the future in the foodlab
  • how can the Fablab be used better?
  • creating a board game
  • transforming a small, portable windmill into a phone charger
  • your project? Let us know if you want to add your own project to this list, provided it is open source. You can send an email to Diana.
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