Koppelting is an annual grassroots festival about peer production and free/libre alternatives for society. It is filled with projects, lectures, debates and workshops, and is co-created by the attendees. Anyone can contribute, whether by giving a lecture, a workshop or demonstration, or by simply participating, helping out and engaging in good discussion.


Koppelting is held at De WAR in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, home to the world's first 100% open source fablab and the experimental cooperative University of Amersfoort.

21 –  27 August 2017

The weekend of 26 and 27 August will be used for lectures and workshops, in the week before an open hackathon will focus on a number of dedicated projects.


Participation in the hackathon during the week is free. For the weekend, a fee is required, using a decide-yourself pricing model aiming at an average of €50 per person. This will cover basic costs of the location, breakfast, luch, coffee and tea, video-registration of the talks and travel expenses for some of the speakers. See the costs for details.


If you would like to present something, have an idea for a hackaton project, suggest someone else for a presentation, or otherwise want to contribute, we are happy to hear about his. Registration for the festival and submission of presentations can be done on the sign-up page.

Projects for this year's hackathon include:

  • getting the GCMS of the Biolab to work
  • a hypha CMS programming sprint
  • creating an open videoconferencing box
  • creating the food of the future in the foodlab
  • how can the Fablab be used better?
  • creating a board game

Koppelting is a continuation of the FabFuse unconferences that took place since 2012. During these years the scope widened from fab lab oriented topics to grassroots organisation, open knowledge and peer production. For more info on the previous conferences, including extensive video registration of the talks, see the archive page.