Line-up for Meetkoppel '22

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When will these things take place?

The final schedule for the weekend will be published shortly before the event, since the lineup is still open for new contributions.

Meetkoppel - Opening and welcome

Welcome-address, introducing ourselves and sorting out technical hiccups.

Saturday January 29
   09:30-10:00, Plenary

lecture: Paul Brouwer - Moisture measurements in soil and green roofs: lessons, data and challenges

In 2020 we started a project to build our own soil moisture sensor to add to the MeetJeStad platform. This provided quite a challenge, but has taught us a great deal about measuring soil moisture. Recently we included moisture measurements to a setup for green roofs and this year we want to start giving workshops for soil measurements. In this presentation we would like to share the lessons learned, show some of the data we gathered so far and discuss future ideas and challenges for (soil) moisture measurements.

other: Diana Wildschut - brainstorm on covid proof workshops

Brainstorm about how to teach workshops to beginners who do not have the tools, nor do they have the skills, to solder a sensor station, without meeting face to face.

other: Meet je Stad - counting biodiversity on green roofs

Green roofs have many merits, but how biodiverse are they? How many types of plants are there, and how many insects? Can we think of a way to automatically count biodiversity on green roofs?

lecture: Peter Demmer - Meetjestad! station repairs

Meetjestad! stations were first built in 2016 and now some come back for repair.
An introduction to the faults that can occur and what can be done to fix them.

lecture: Peter Demmer - Meetjestad! time graphs

To share and evaluate measurement results, graphs are very effective.
At Meetjestad!, we use time graphs to evaluate developments.

Presentation of graphs made of temperature, humidity, PM (fijnstof), soil-moisture and green-roof sensor measurements, and of battery and station lifetime.

Proposals for battery lifetime optimization and sensor calibration.

lecture: Harmen Zijp - Lowering the threshold for collaboration

While some aspects of community science easily attract large numbers of participants other parts of the process appear to be harder fought. In short: many people like to assemble a weather station and start contributing data but few seem to find their way into data analysis or translating insights into political action. This presentation attempts to find lessons to learn and proposes ways to apply them to other aspects.